Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Vince Lombardi wrote: "People who work together will win, whether it be against complex football defenses, or the problems of modern society". Morgan County residents took to the polls and overwhelming spoke on Tuesday. But what did they say? We believe they stepped up and said "Let Us Work Together". On behalf of the Morgan Committee for School Budget Discipline, we would like to thank everyone who voted. Now is the time to come together to explore the solutions and options we have. As the school board moves forward and addresses the budget, we believe they will put teachers and education first and that we can all help in enhancing the education of our children. Let's draw on the expertise and volunteer spirit that Morgan County residents share.

There are many options available that will improve efficiencies within the system, raise additional funds to benefit the district, and evaluate reductions in expenditures that do not have a direct impact on our kids. We look forward with optimism and believe that Morgan County and our school district will remain strong and united as we work together towards a bright future.

A vote AGAINST the Voted Local Levy is a vote FOR our Future!

"Property tax increases should be levied only as a last resort. A tax increase particularly impacts those who can least afford it — the people who every month are challenged with staying in their homes, keeping food on their tables and paying for critical medications. Small businesses struggling to return to stable economic footing after the recession are impacted as well." Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker Jun 08 2013  

The contributors to this website are parents, grandparents, students, business owners, property owners and ranchers living and working in Morgan County. The purpose of this site is provide a point of view different from the school board.                                             

In 2007 our total revenue was $14,755,602 for 2083 students. In 2012 our total revenue was $18,405,096 for 2531 students. That's a total revenue increase of $3,649,494.00 with an enrollment increase of 448 students in that time-frame. Cited Source:

The $1.3Million dollar Voted Local Levy is a 22.50% tax increase from this revenue source. The total amount of increase from local revenue sources from 2007-2012 was $2,226,404 which is two and half times what the increase from state sources was. In short, Morgan County residents have already stepped up to help fund our local schools.

So where has our money gone?

The district repeatedly says that no funding for the Trojan Century Center came from the General fund

"However in 2008 the board adjusted tax rates within the General fund and the Capital fund"
This gave them the opportunity to over-fund buildings at the expense of teachers for the past 5 years.(quoted text comes from July 12, 2012 truth and taxation presentation)

We have funded a $4,000,000.00 athletic facility, with 2 classrooms in it and a bus garage --and if anyone figures out how much that bus garage actually cost us, please let us know.  We were told this was "free money" but it wasn't even interest free money, it was a bond that we have to pay back to the tune of roughly $350,000 a year plus interest, maintenance, staff and utilities. Did it take courage and foresight to construct a building instead of funding teachers and classrooms?

“Although capital projects are funded from the Capital Outlay Fund, operating costs for new buildings can have an impact on the General Fund. Every school has fixed or overhead costs that are incurred to keep the building operating such as salaries for principals and assistants, secretaries, custodians and a media center coordinator. Additional costs are incurred for maintenance and utility costs for new buildings.” Granite School District (page 59)

We hear the question repeatedly; "We have the Trojan Century Center now, so what are we going to do about it?" And that is a valid question.  If you go to the solutions/suggestions page, you can see how we can dig out of this hole.

Make no mistake, a vote for the levy is a vote for a broken system that puts recreation over education. This should be a levy about funding sports, extra transportation, and other secondary functions, not basic education. Our teachers and classrooms should be funded first and foremost. Until our classrooms become first priority in spending, they will always be used as pawns to get ballot measures passed. 

Statement from John Barber, Chair of the Business Task Force:

"The goal of the Business Task Force is to meet with the entire Board and D’Lynn Poll to get an overview of the budget. Then we will divide up into segments of the budget dissecting it, that would be done by assigning a task force member to a section.  After that is completed the Task Force would come together and compare results. There are many more plans that would be discussed as a Task Force during our initial meeting.”

Business Task Force Members:

Chair: John Barber, of Barber Brothers Ford. 

Sam Barber , of Barber Brothers Ford.

Kent Francis, Manager of First Bank, Mtn. Green.

Brent Anderson, Developer and Business Owner.

Tina Cannon, Mother of 4 and Accountant.

Tami Slipsager, Mother of 3 young children and former Teacher of 11 years.

Others have been contacted and their names will be added shortly.